Inactive account and account has been removed

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Inactive account and account has been removed

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:16 pm

Dear Moderators,

I just joined CEFC on 14/11/08 morning, you did sent me an email that my account is inactive and I need admistrator of the board to activate my account before I can log in. But I received another email from you telling me that my account has been removed due to inactivity!!! Why is it so??? Could you enlighten me why my account has been removed??? I can't even log in, you mentioned account will be removed only if it's being inactive for 90 days??? I really hope this won't happen again... as I just re-register... and currently my account is still inactive... I gave the exact contents you have sent:

[Hallo LuvEllaZun,

Your account on "Chun Ella Fanatic Craze" has been removed by a administrator, this is done according to the site account policy
probably due to inactivity.

If you wish to be an active part of our community again, then please re-register using this link:

Chun Ella Fanatic Craze

Thanks for your attention

Your Sincerely,
Candice Lim (LuvEllaZun)


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Re: Inactive account and account has been removed

Post by babyval22 on Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:27 pm

Hi there!

The reason why this has happened is because in short, your registration has not been approved. You recd a warning email based on your inactivity because the administrators must have pruned the members to inform members who have been inactive, and you have been part of those classified as inactive due to your membership not yet being approved by administrators.

The second email you recd in which your account is being removed to to inactiveness is because forumotion(the forum supporter) has no functions to indicate reasons on why your acc has been removed. Actually, if this sort of case scenario happens, it's because your registration has not been approved by CEFC.

As for the reasons on why you have not been approved, please ensure that you read terms and conditions before registering.

Hope this reply helps! :)

And hope to see you in CEFC soon!

IF there are further questions, you can email me at ! :)


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